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Rise of the Cheat Potion Maker

[System update...]

Hello mortals, it is I, the System and I pass a message to you.

The title known as Master and Apprentices (Rise of the Cheat Potion Maker 2) is scheduled for editing at the end of the month and will likely be released either the first week of October or the second.

Rise of the Cheat Potion Maker 1's audiobook is wrapping up recording (or has wrapped up) and will soon be undergoing Audible's review process.

Current plans for the series...

Rise of the Cheat Potion Maker.... Audiobook incoming.

Rise Book 2: Master and Apprentices... Predicted early October release.

Rise Book 3: The Lord Ruler... in progress... Potential late December or early January release.

Rise Book 4: Title TBA....

Other series:

Pinnacle of Power 2: TBA...

Anime Trope System: Hiatus...

Wrath of the Ruthless (debating...)

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