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What's happening at the moment? Rise 6 gist.

The next work is Youngest Son of the Black-Hearted, a regressor, progression fantasy/cultivator, with a ruthless MC and some academy. No system.

After the first installment of that is finished, I'll be rolling back into The Old Family: Rise 6.

Now, there are some people that didn't love the 5th installment. Felt like it had too much action and adventure it in. But think about it. Isn't that simply apart of the journey? His goals haven't changed. Not everybook is going to be slow or guns blazing. Every book shouldn't be the same. The world has always had dungeons, hallows and monsters, and magicians attacking since the first book, so some of the hate for it had me confused?

Fortunately, the majority enjoyed book 5. I hope Youngest Son is recieved the same.

The Old Family will finally introduce Nate's family from his mother's side and the mysterious ancestor. The conflict between Jasper and Scattered Island Nations will temperarely make Jasper inaccessible to Nate and the crew for a while. They haven't a choice but to focus on other things, meeting the Old Family, the historian from the Astral Empire, and lastly, the Dwarven King. Perhaps Nate's potions will once again find themselves in use.

Even with the aftermath of the war. Magic is useless. Potions are the key. Pops and Aline cannot help but be baffled at Nate's accomplishments.

Link to Rise's character list. I hope it helps:

The webtoon strip if you missed it:

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