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What's happening so far... 4/25/2022

How's it going everyone, the author here. Welcome to the first blog post. I normally don't do these as I'm 100% active on the discord; however, not everyone uses discord or follow the facebook page. Although it's highly recommended. If there's one surefire way to make sure I hadn't gone radio silent, it's discord and the facebook page + the group.

A blog is a little old school and I nearly forgot I planned one for this page. It will remain to be seen if it gets updated as often as I like in comparison to the other places.

Anyway, here's a quick gist of where we're at in terms of anything I'm publishing.

Writing: The Pinnacle of Power book 1. So much fun writing this. Although the moment the kickstarter reaches its goal, I will start ATS #26.

Audio: Audiobooks 22-23 recording's done and will be uploaded soon. Audiobook publishing package 24-25 is currently going through kickstarter.

Webtoon: Also awaiting funding from kickstarter.

Writing: you will notice some further updates for books 1-6. Covers, a few edits/improvements, and etc.

That's all I got for now. Thanks for reading!

Links: Audiobooks 24-25 kickstarter here, 62% funded as of this post:

Patreon, for those good ole early chapters. Every book I write, you get it all for as low as 3 a month. I do all the editing though. The editor handles the ebook versions+

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