A Half-Blood Rising (Fallen Throne #1)

Eight years of imprisonment in Hell…
Breaking out…
Escaping to Earth to start a new life…

The best-selling author of the Anime Trope System presents: The Fallen Throne series. Half-Blood Rising, the first ATS Universe novel.

Epex Helios is the son of his universe’s head god and yet it seems like his destiny for the throne hasn’t quite fleeted him yet, whether he desired the dangerous position or not.
Breaking out of Hell after what he did invoked a bounty on his head. One being appeared to help him, a powerful goddess and childhood friend.
Can he really trust her?

Can he train enough to return to his original strength, or will his father crush him to dust?

If you love anime, Japanese light novels or manga, please consider giving this a shot.

The Destined

They say fate and destiny are just one half of a romantic coin…


In this world, there is evil and then EVIL.

Hopes and dreams are placed onto the legendary destined.

Jake is the son of the famous wind guardian and the heir of the wind temple.

Lina is the sweet daughter of the queen but a carrier of a terrible power deep within her soul.

Miana is an unknown aspect. Daughter of a rival kingdom. Secrets untold. She’s…a bit knuckleheaded.

These three are among the destined, beings that could defeat Zar, the world’s destroyer. If only they would stop bickering for five minutes and realize what’s at stake.


Fragment is about a village boy, Jonas Ariel’s impossible quest to dominate the Gods using the Holy Sword and win Zeus’ powers. He’d use the power to prevent a realm-destroying calamity. The competition however proves to be a lot more complex than Jonas thought. The gods and he will be split into four different teams in which will suffer individual elimination. This will lead to the most backstabbing competition yet! Not to mention, Jonas somehow got himself too close to Athena and Medusa, goddesses who are sworn enemies.

The Dark Ones (The Destined 1.5)

The events of The Destined in my point of view. I am Vile, of the Dark Ones. I'm a bad-ass, I swear a lot, I like women and....I'm bound by a ruthless prophecy like a slave. It's me, a crazy psychotic woman, and...a celebrity, I think. 
Someone kill me please. Being a Dark One sucks.

Alice Chibi.png

Cultivation Zero (WIP TITLE)

Alvin Atwater is working on a cultivator...

This is a martial arts epic.