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The Anime Trope System (series)


At the mercy of an unknown entity, Clyde gets tossed into the anime world. Yes, it exists, we just don't know it. There, he's declared the Stone, the anime main character. One day he must kill the Viper or else, goodbye Earth. 

This is the comedic tale of a young man vs. cliche anime tropes. Yep, there's nothing like random anime girls falling in love with you...over anything, crazy Yanderes, or that girl with the absurd charisma. 

But hey, at least he's able to level up, just like the RPGs. Will he find the true purpose of this cruel game or will the anime tropes consume him?

~A lover of character development... 

This book contains sexual content, scenes, and sexual humor fit for anime fans (and ramps up a lot after chapter 7). You have been warned.

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The funds have a goal to commission artists for characters, scenes, and moments.  

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